stock photo of gas grill with water droplets on it

Indoor Memorial Day Food Ideas

During times of pandemic or poor weather, it gets hard to celebrate the same holidays you took for granted before. Since you probably won’t be able to gather all your family and friends together for a grill-out like many Americans do when Memorial Day rolls around during quarantine, you can try some of these ideas as a way to celebrate the holiday from your own home. 

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2020 Toyota Avalon wind chill pearl driving through city at night

What are the Audio Options on the 2020 Toyota Avalon?

If you want to play music in your 2020 Toyota Avalon, you have plenty of options. The only option that is notably missing is Android Auto™. If you do have an android device and want to play music, you still have options. But first, it is important to know which audio package you have on the 2020 Toyota Avalon. Read on below for the different audio packages and their details. 

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