2021 Toyota Camry blue and silver models parked in middle of road

What Color Options Does the 2021 Toyota Camry Have?

For the vehicle that has been a standard of mid-size sedans for generations now, the 2021 model year of the Toyota Camry offers a refreshing range of exterior color options. This helps bring variety to one of the most popular vehicles around. There are twelve total color options if you count each two-tone color combination as separate from any other that shares just one color with it.

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Toyota logo on a steering wheel close up

What Does the Toyota Emblem Represent?

Toyota has an unusual logo compared to many other automakers. A lot of other brands are satisfied to make a logo based around the first letter of their name or another straightforward symbol, but the Toyota emblem goes a bit deeper. There are a few interpretations and theories that people have, but Toyota has spoken about the topic, and it makes a lot of sense when you know what the three circles are meant to represent.

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2021 Toyota Corolla dark blue color under bridge

How Old is Toyota?

While not the oldest car manufacturer by any means, Toyota has one of the longest histories of producing automobiles for the North American market among foreign companies. The Toyota company goes back to the 1920s, but that was before any cars were built, so read further to explore the history of one of the most important vehicle brands in history.

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man in jean jacket cleaning car touchscreen with microfiber cloth

How Do I Clean My Car’s Touchscreen?

For the most part, cleaning the inside of your car isn’t anything special. There have been wipes and solutions for cleaning vinyl and leather interiors, soaps for cloth car seats and all kinds of products to make the inside of your car look new again, but can you use those on your car’s touchscreen? It’s best to make sure you have a safe way to clean your infotainment screen so you don’t end up damaging it. Continue reading for advice on how to get rid of smears, fingerprints, residues and more.

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