The infotainment system used in the 2021 Toyota Camry.

Your 2021 Toyota Camry has so much more to offer tech-savvy owners

Can I Connect my Phone to the 2021 Toyota Camry? 

The technological revolution happening within the Toyota vehicle inventory is nothing short of miraculous. As more Phil Meador Toyota customers get more comfortable with the idea of combining their favorite mobile devices with their new vehicle purchase, we increasingly hear questions like, ‘Can I connect my phone to the 2021 Toyota Camry?’ In a word, yes. Yes, you can connect most Apple and Android phones to the 2021 Camry and most other 2020 and 2021 Toyota models in our showroom. We thought it would be helpful to provide some materials to help people connect to and use this incredible technology. Let’s see what our team put together.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2021 Toyota 4Runner red, silver, and white parked on dry grass

What Color Options Does the 2021 Toyota 4Runner Come in?

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner may be big, bulky, and a bit of a design throwback to an era of bigger SUVs, but it does have some nice customization options. There are ten total color options for this SUV, which is enough for Toyota to sneak in a few uncommon shades. View each one on this page or see some in person by visiting Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho today!

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man eating a hamburger with yellow background

Great Burgers to try in Pocatello, ID

Tired of your current mealtime routine? You know what might spice it up? Try some of the local burger joints here in Pocatello, Idaho. There’s no shortage of burger places, so it’s unlikely that you’ve had all of them. If you love your burgers beefy, fresh and delicious, try out some of these nearby spots, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

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1963 Toyota Tiara red classic car

Remember Some of These Old Toyota Models?

Toyota is an essential part of the modern automotive world. With millions and millions of vehicles sold in the company’s lifetime, it shows no signs of stopping. However, the automaker has not been able to hold onto every single model. Sometimes models got replaced or just didn’t find the kind of success some people hoped and got the ax. This post is dedicated to some of the old names you might remember, and others you’ve probably never even heard of. You can see many of the current models at Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho, today!

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