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School bus crossing the crosswalk

Back-to-School Driving Tips for Parents and Children

What are the Essential Driving Tips for Back-to-School Season? 

It’s that time of year again when parents and children are preparing to go back to school. Whether you’re a parent or student, it’s important to follow certain rules to make the commute that a bit safer. With the safety of children a primary concern, we’ve enlisted a few back-to-school driving tips for parents and children in this Phil Meador Toyota blog post. Keep reading! 

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Dog in one of the Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Pocatello, ID

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Pocatello, ID to Enjoy a Date with Your Furry Pal

Where Can I Find the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Pocatello, ID? 

Want to hang out with your furry pal? Finding dog-friendly restaurants can sometimes be challenging. Isn’t it? Here’s the good news for all dog lovers! You can now visit a few restaurants in Pocatello, ID that let you bring your furry babies along with you. Check out our list of pawsome dog-friendly restaurants in Pocatello, ID here at Phil Meador Toyota. 

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Hikers couple hiking in the mountain

4 Best Day Trips You Can Take from Pocatello, Idaho to Recharge Yourself

What are the Best Day Trips in Idaho? 

In this fast-paced world, everyone needs a break from their routine to relax and unwind. Short trips or one-day trips can do wonders to keep your weekly stress levels in check. They rejuvenate your everyday busy life and feed your wanderlusts.  

If you are staying in Pocatello, Idaho and want to escape life for a little while, consider these 4 best day trips from Pocatello, Idaho. It is surrounded by many scenic places that will leave nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts spellbound.

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man eating a hamburger with yellow background

Great Burgers to try in Pocatello, ID

Tired of your current mealtime routine? You know what might spice it up? Try some of the local burger joints here in Pocatello, Idaho. There’s no shortage of burger places, so it’s unlikely that you’ve had all of them. If you love your burgers beefy, fresh and delicious, try out some of these nearby spots, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

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halloween banner blue with ghosts bats and spiders

How to Celebrate Halloween During the Pandemic

Since most places will not be doing the normal trick-or-treat celebration of Halloween, it might be best to find another way to celebrate the fall holiday. The CDC does not recommend that anyone go door-to-door due to the increased risk of spreading COVID-19. There are some alternatives, however. Continue reading more of this entry to learn about some of the ways people are going to celebrate Halloween this year!

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Person with mask and gloves handing over folded paper bags

Restaurants that Deliver in Pocatello, ID

If quarantine and social distancing have you spending a lot more time away from your favorite local restaurants than you thought, you should explore ordering delivery from establishments in the Pocatello area. Even if you just do not want to cook or leave the house, now is a better time than any to order food to be delivered to your home. You might even want to try new places so you can find new favorites. Some places offer no-contact delivery as well for added health and safety. Read on for some advice on what eateries to explore via delivery.

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stock photo of Frisbee discs in frisbee disc golf goal

Disc Golf Courses in Pocatello, ID

Looking for something to do on Labor Day? Buy a few disc golf discs and find some friends that want to play and visit some of the locations listed below. Since you probably have the day off on Labor Day, you might as well spend that time having fun out in the park. You can social distance easily and play with a facemask on if that is necessary where and when you are playing. Read more of this entry to find out more about where and how to play disc golf in Pocatello, Idaho.

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Stock photo of july 4th placement on table at night

Will There Be Independence Day Celebrations in Pocatello, ID This Year?

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench in just about everyone’s plans. Most predicted the trouble would be over by now, but not everyone is willing to return to life as usual before the pandemic began. As temperatures rise, you’re probably wondering if there will be any public Independence Day celebrations this year or not. Read on to learn more about the current plans for July 2020.  

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