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suv driving on snowy road toward plows

Cold Weather Car Hacks and Tips

Winter’s been here for a while now, and there may be a break in the cold, but it’s hard to say for sure how long it will be before temperatures drop again. Cold weather is rough on cars, especially if you don’t have a garage to park in. If cold weather is coming around again, follow these tips and life hacks to help you and your car make it through the cold for this and future winters. Also, come visit Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho for service before the season changes.

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man in jean jacket cleaning car touchscreen with microfiber cloth

How Do I Clean My Car’s Touchscreen?

For the most part, cleaning the inside of your car isn’t anything special. There have been wipes and solutions for cleaning vinyl and leather interiors, soaps for cloth car seats and all kinds of products to make the inside of your car look new again, but can you use those on your car’s touchscreen? It’s best to make sure you have a safe way to clean your infotainment screen so you don’t end up damaging it. Continue reading for advice on how to get rid of smears, fingerprints, residues and more.

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snow covered street and trees buildings on side people walking

How to be smart with your vehicle during the winter months

Now that we’re in December and winter weather is upon us, your vehicle is going to take some hits. Between the colder temperatures, snowstorms and icy roads, you’ll need take extra care of your vehicle during these next couple of months. Today we will be teaching you how to be smart with your vehicle during the winter. Keep reading to learn about these tips and tricks! Read the rest of this entry >>