Side view of the 2020 Toyota C-HR

What is New in the 2020 Toyota C-HR?

Every car these days boasts about its features. They try to draw drivers in by giving them the nicest and shiniest toys, but they forget about something important. Some cars get so caught up on trying to appear cool that they forget to actually be cool.

Car companies have the ability to reinvigorate a car and its style every year. Toyota took full advantage of this opportunity with the 2020 Toyota C-HR. The C-HR was already a popular crossover, but the new features help it to stand out from the crowd even more.

New Features for the 2020 Toyota C-HR

The first, and most obvious, change that you’ll notice about the 2020 Toyota C-HR is its exterior style. Its front end has been completely restyled to give it a bit of a wider profile. LED headlights have been blended into the front fascia seamlessly. The wheels have also been redesigned to help accentuate the bold look. It will also offer new color options: Supersonic Red, Hot Lava, and a new silver R-code roof option. It has a coupe-like style while still retaining the versatility of a cross over.

Angled view of the 2020 Toyota C-HR

Front view of the 2020 Toyota C-HR

It is also coming into 2020 with a lot of new features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be standard features in the C-HR, along with SiriusXM radio. The C-HR will be stylish and safe with the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense P as a standard feature. TSS-P is a suite of intelligent driver-assistance technologies that will make driving every day even easier.

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