1963 Toyota Tiara red classic car

Remember Some of These Old Toyota Models?

Toyota is an essential part of the modern automotive world. With millions and millions of vehicles sold in the company’s lifetime, it shows no signs of stopping. However, the automaker has not been able to hold onto every single model. Sometimes models got replaced or just didn’t find the kind of success some people hoped and got the ax. This post is dedicated to some of the old names you might remember, and others you’ve probably never even heard of. You can see many of the current models at Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho, today!

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2021 Toyota Venza parked at night outside building

How Many People Can Sit in the 2021 Toyota Venza?

The 2021 Toyota Venza is an unusual creature for Toyota. After a brief stint as one of many Toyota crossovers, the Venza didn’t have much to differentiate itself, so it faded away. The 2021 Venza is a far cry from the old Venza, offering standard hybrid performance and elegant daily luxury in the mid-size crossover class. At first glance, it is clear that the Venza is built for looks inside and out. But is the inside big enough for you and your family? Continue reading or inquire about the Venza at our dealership in Pocatello, Idaho!

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2021 Toyota Camry dark blue parked on rooftop

How Much Cargo Space Does the 2021 Toyota Camry Have?

Toyota makes a lot of vehicles, but there are few that have sold as well as the Toyota Camry. The Camry is a mid-size sedan with a lot of versatility. While similarly sized crossovers may be a big fad right now, the Camry remains relevant as a reliable family car or commuter. As such, it doesn’t have as much cargo space as the Toyota Highlander, but there’s enough for what most sedan drivers will need. Come see the 2021 Toyota Camry in Pocatello, Idaho at Phil Meador Toyota today!

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2021 Toyota Camry blue and silver models parked in middle of road

How Much Does the 2021 Toyota Camry Cost?

The Toyota Camry is one of the most trusted names in cars. Everyone knows someone who has or used to have one, and they are known for lasting a long time. It’s no surprise that such a successful car would still be making the rounds in 2021. You may already have your mind set on getting one, but is the price right? Continue reading and/or visit Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho to learn the MSRP information about the 2021 Toyota Camry.

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2021 Toyota Tacoma black parked at night

What Paint Color Options Does the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Have?

Sometimes, all it takes is a few color options. While a lot of other mid-size trucks are getting redesigns, updates, and other exterior changes, the Toyota Tacoma has been sitting on a winning formula for some time. The 2021 model year for the pickup has ten color options, which is enough variety to keep the vehicle looking fresh. Find out how many you can see on the lot at Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho!

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2021 Toyota Highlander silver and red parked near mountain home

How Much Cargo Space Does the 2021 Toyota Highlander Have?

Pretty much everyone wants a crossover these days, and it’s easy to see why. While large, boxy SUVs feel too big for many drivers and sedans fall out of favor for sitting too low and not having enough cargo space, mid-size crossovers come to the rescue. The Toyota Highlander sits right about in the middle of the whole Toyota SUV lineup, providing buyers a balanced size and plenty of cargo room. Come see the 2021 Toyota Highlander for yourself at Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho today!

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2021 Toyota Venza interior wide angle of front cabin

How Does Climate Control Work in a Car?

If you’re shopping for a new car for the first time in a few years, you might see the term “Climate Control” thrown around a lot more than ever before. The technology was once a premium feature found only on the higher trim levels of some cars, but it’s becoming more common as technology evolves. How does climate control work? The answer is pretty simple, and you can read about more in this post, and experience it yourself by scheduling a test drive in a car with climate control at Phil Meador Toyota of Pocatello, Idaho.

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suv driving on snowy road toward plows

Cold Weather Car Hacks and Tips

Winter’s been here for a while now, and there may be a break in the cold, but it’s hard to say for sure how long it will be before temperatures drop again. Cold weather is rough on cars, especially if you don’t have a garage to park in. If cold weather is coming around again, follow these tips and life hacks to help you and your car make it through the cold for this and future winters. Also, come visit Phil Meador Toyota in Pocatello, Idaho for service before the season changes.

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2021 Toyota Highlander gray driving on bridge at twilight

Why you Should Shop at Phil Meador Toyota

If the promise of literally hundreds of cars to choose from wasn’t enough, there’s a long list of reasons you should shop at Phil Meador Toyota. Phil Meador is far from the only car dealership in Pocatello but is one of the largest in terms of total vehicles available. Beyond that, you get the reliability of a variety of new Toyota vehicles and used cars of just about every body style and make you can imagine. Continue reading for more reasons to love Phil Meador Toyota!

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