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A Guide to Buying Used Toyota Corolla Models

If you are in the market for a used Toyota Corolla, this guide is for you. The Toyota Corolla is one of the most well-known and beloved sedan models ever produced by any automaker. To get one of your own, you should know about all the different trim levels, the kind of features you can expect to see, and what model years are most common. Continue reading the rest of this entry to learn more.

What Do the Toyota Corolla Trim Level Names Mean?

Toyota doesn’t like to come right out and use a descriptive name for the trim levels on their vehicles like other automakers. With a few exceptions, Toyota simply uses a few letters to indicate which trim levels are which. Generally, the trim levels will follow the scheme described below in every model year:

  • L: Base Trim Level
  • LE: Slight Increase in Available Features
  • SE: Middle-Ground Trim with More Technology and Some Premium Features
  • XLE: An upgraded version of the LE, Including Some Luxury Features
  • XSE: Often the Highest Trim Level, Including All the Best Features Available for the Model Year

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Some other trim names you may encounter on the Toyota Corolla or other Toyota Vehicles may include the following:

  • Nightshade Edition: A Black-Themed Variant of the SE Trim
  • TRD: Stands for “Toyota Racing Development,” Often Includes “Off-Road” or “Pro” to Indicate the Model is Made for Off-Roading Capability or High-Performance Speeds
  • Touring/Limited: Uncommon Terms for Luxury Trims
2020 Toyota Corolla interior shot of dashboard steering wheel and infotainment screen
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What Toyota Corolla Models Are Easiest to Find Used?

If you went looking at the used stock of Toyota Corolla models at a dealership like Phil Meador Toyota, you will find most of the used Corolla models are as many as 3 years old and are rarely any older than that. Many people buy new Corolla models and trade them in for the latest model year as soon as it comes out. For example, at the time of this writing in late 2020, almost every pre-owned Toyota Corolla at Phil Meador Toyota is from 2018, 2019, or 2020. A few 2021 Corolla models are also being sold used. If you are focused on saving money, search among the oldest, highest mileage, and lowest trim models available.