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Check Out Toyota’s New Warranty Program

The biggest concern for every driver is fuel costs. We want to reduce our fuel use to save money, help the environment, or both. There are a lot of ways to improve our fuel economy, but of course, there is one major factor that will affect that ability.

The type of car you own will obviously be the main way to figure out your fuel costs. There is always a decision between power and efficiency it seems. Shopping for an electric or hybrid vehicle is the best way to lower your fuel costs significantly, so it is important we take special care of them.

Extended Warranty for Hybrid Battery Vehicles

Toyota understands how important it is to know that your car is safe and protected. Many new cars come with a warranty that can give drivers some peace of mind. A warranty is a nice blanket of protection, and Toyota offered them for hybrid batteries before. The warranty covered 8 years or 100,000 miles from the date of first use. It was also transferable between owners, so second-time owners didn’t have to worry.

2019 Toyota Camry driving in a dark tunnel

2019 Toyota Avalon on a dark highway

The new warranty that Toyota has developed extends this protection. Starting at cars with the model year 2020, the warranty will now cover 10 years or 150,000 miles. It’s a mark of confidence from Toyota for these vehicles and their longevity. It offers a comparable level of protection as the previous warranty; it simply covers a longer period of time. This warranty is also transferable between owners.

Which Toyota Vehicles are Hybrids?

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