2020 Toyota Camry white and red driving around corner on asphalt

Does the 2020 Toyota Camry Have AWD?

The Toyota Camry is one of the most iconic sedans ever made, but Toyota won’t stop there. As great as the Camry is at saving on fuel costs, and as perfectly sized as it is, Toyota went another step in making it more perfect. The best way to do that was to add AWD to the Camry. Read on to learn how to find a Toyota Camry with AWD equipped. 

What Trim Levels of the 2020 Toyota Camry Have AWD? 

The Camry hasn’t always had AWD available, but the 2020 model year offers it on four of the vehicle’s nine non-hybrid trims. Those four trims are the LE, SE, XLE, and the XSE trims. That means you can get a new 2020 Toyota Camry with AWD for a starting MSRP as low as $26,370. Not only that, but every trim of the Camry with AWD equipped has a center limited slip differential for even more traction on poor road conditions. 

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Why Does the 2020 Toyota Camry Have AWD? 

Some must be asking themselves why Toyota would even put AWD on a mid-size sedan like the Camry, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The Camry is one of the most popular car models ever, meaning it is sold in all kinds of climates. Those who live in snowy climates will often ignore FWD cars entirely to make sure they have AWD when the ice, sleet, and fresh powder hit. 

2020 Toyota Camry XSE V6 red parked on city curb at night
2020 Toyota Camry TRD white being worked on in Garage

AWD can confuse some drivers into thinking their car can stop better in poor road conditions. This is not true, AWD is meant to get the wheels more traction when the vehicle is stopped, or the wheels are slipping. In that sense, AWD is only better for drivers who know they are going to need it and use it responsibly. After all, it’s not like the Toyota Camry is in high demand as an off-roading vehicle, nor is it built to be one.