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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Before it gets too close and you forget about it, Father’s Day happens on June 21st, 2020. As that date creeps closer and closer, you should shop ahead of time for a great gift for your father, husband, grandfather, or whoever you feel deserves that recognition this June. Below are some ideas for how to find a great Father’s Day gift. 

Gift Cards for Restaurants 

What’s dad’s favorite restaurant? If you know, or you think you have an idea, you can probably find a gift card for most restaurants in convenience stores, department stores, and other places for an easy way to get a gift you know he’ll love. Even if it’s just for takeout, he will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal of his choice. 

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Father’s Day Tool Sales

If you have heard dad commenting about needing or wanting a new tool lately, take note. Plenty of hardware stores and tool manufacturers have some of their biggest sales this time of the year because they know how much dads love tools. A great catch-all idea would be a box set of matching tools from his favorite tool brand. If you don’t know what tools he needs; you can always get a creatively packaged gift card in most hardware stores. 

Something Homemade for Father’s Day

There’s never been a better time to learn how to make something at home. There are more resources on the internet for learning than ever before, including articles, videos, and step-by-step how-to guides. Only you’re going to know who you’re making a gift for, so you would have to trust your insight to find the right gift to make. 

Should I Have My Toyota Serviced This Summer?

Toyota Sales & Service 

If the dad you’re shopping for needs an oil change, car wash, or new brake pads, for example, consider gifting him parts or a service appointment at Phil Meador Toyota so his car stays in working order as long as possible.