man in jean jacket cleaning car touchscreen with microfiber cloth

How Do I Clean My Car’s Touchscreen?

For the most part, cleaning the inside of your car isn’t anything special. There have been wipes and solutions for cleaning vinyl and leather interiors, soaps for cloth car seats and all kinds of products to make the inside of your car look new again, but can you use those on your car’s touchscreen? It’s best to make sure you have a safe way to clean your infotainment screen so you don’t end up damaging it. Continue reading for advice on how to get rid of smears, fingerprints, residues and more.

What Kind of Cloth Should I Use for a Car Touchscreen?

Cleaning a touchscreen should be done with care, and not with just any old cloth. Go for microfiber cloths or rags, and make sure they are clean before you use them on your touchscreen. You might be tempted to use alcohol-based wet wipes, but don’t do it. Wipes often leave streaks and can damage some touchscreens with plastic surfaces, not to mention the fibers aren’t very soft. Don’t use regular rags, paper towels or newspaper either, save those for drying off your windows.

finger about to touch apple carplay display on car screen

view of clean car touchscreen with music menu open

What Liquid Should I Use to Clean my Car’s Touchscreen?

For the most part, regular fingerprints, dust, and other light deposits can be cleaned off with clean water. For best results, avoid tap water and go for distilled water instead. Soap is not necessary, even if you have tougher residues. If you do run into difficult spots that harden, mix some distilled white vinegar into an equal amount of clean water and use that instead. The acidity of the vinegar can help break down oils and sugar so they wipe off.

What is the Best way to Wipe a Screen?

Pick one of the following methods and stick to it. Either wipe side-to-side or up-and-down. You might be tempted to do circles, but your screen won’t be as clean. On a wider screen, side-to-side will be your best bet.