stock photo of rusted side of car peeling off white paint

How Do I Prevent Rust on my Car?

Rust is the ultimate enemy of all cars. No matter how great and perfect a new car looks and feels, it starts fighting the battle against rust the day you buy it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help it in that fight. It takes regular maintenance, the proper equipment, and a keen eye for detail, but you can keep your car ahead in the battle against rust. 

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Does Washing My Car Help Prevent Rust? 

The most important regular maintenance you can do to prevent rust is to wash your car.  This kind of car washing should be done by hand and should include a few coats of wax. Waxing a car gives it an added layer of protection against scratches, lingering water, and keeps oxygen away from parts that can corrode. One wash isn’t enough. Try to stick to a regular schedule with your car washing and keep it in its best condition. 

stock photo of rusted out wheel well in green vehicle
stock photo of dent in car with rust and scratches

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Park Your Car Inside a Garage 

It may not seem like much, but keeping your car in a garage is a key way to hold off the spread of rust. Rain, snow, extended sunlight, and other conditions can be quickly avoided by just getting your car under a roof, even if that’s for only half a day. To go the extra mile, buy a car cover, especially if you have a car you don’t drive every day. Keep it covered if it must stay in one place. If your garage gets regular foot traffic, keeping a cover on will help prevent scratches that beg to turn into future rust spots. 

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How Do I Fix Rusty Spots on My Car? 

Rust spots may seem small at first, but they all grow up to be bigger rust spots in time unless you stop them while they are still small. If you have the tools, you can sand the rust away and begin the lengthy, rather exhausting process of applying filler, priming, painting, and putting on clear coat. If you don’t have the time, tools, know-how, or products to restore your original paint, you can always take your car in to get the paint professionally redone. 

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