2021 Toyota Camry dark blue parked on rooftop

How Much Cargo Space Does the 2021 Toyota Camry Have?

Toyota makes a lot of vehicles, but there are few that have sold as well as the Toyota Camry. The Camry is a mid-size sedan with a lot of versatility. While similarly sized crossovers may be a big fad right now, the Camry remains relevant as a reliable family car or commuter. As such, it doesn’t have as much cargo space as the Toyota Highlander, but there’s enough for what most sedan drivers will need. Come see the 2021 Toyota Camry in Pocatello, Idaho at Phil Meador Toyota today!

How Much Cargo Can you Fit in the 2021 Toyota Camry?

The 2021 Toyota Camry has a trunk with 15.1 cubic feet of open space. This might not sound like a lot if you are used to a crossover, but the wide rectangular shape makes it great for hauling luggage, grocery bags, small or medium boxes, and more. Don’t rely on the 2021 Toyota Camry to move all your furniture across town, but it will work well for transporting boxes or bags of clothes and small electronics.

2021 Toyota Camry interior view front cabin
2021 Toyota Camry interior cream leather back seats

How Roomy is the 2021 Toyota Camry?

Toyota sedans are often tuned more toward maximizing passenger space over cargo space. As such, you can take advantage of up to 100.4 cubic feet of passenger volume in models without a moonroof. The Camry doesn’t seat more than 5, but the passengers have a lot more room to stretch out than in the Corolla and many competitors to the Camry from other automakers.

Is the 2021 Toyota Camry the Right Car for Me?

Driving a car is the best way to get to know it. Schedule an appointment to test drive the 2021 Toyota Camry at Phil Meador today and get acquainted. Be sure to try the front and back seats and take a look inside the trunk so you can judge visually how much space you get to use.