2021 Toyota Corolla dark blue color under bridge

How Old is Toyota?

While not the oldest car manufacturer by any means, Toyota has one of the longest histories of producing automobiles for the North American market among foreign companies. The Toyota company goes back to the 1920s, but that was before any cars were built, so read further to explore the history of one of the most important vehicle brands in history.

When was Toyota Founded?

Although not yet producing automobiles at the time, the company goes back as far as 1924 when they made automatic looms. The company was known as Toyoda in its early days and still was in 1935 when they entered the automotive industry producing cars and trucks. The name was changed to Toyota in 1937, and the company was well on its way to changing the world.

What was the First Toyota Vehicle?

The first automobiles built by Toyota were far cries from what we would consider a Toyota today. The Toyota A1 was the first prototype passenger vehicle and the Toyota G1 truck prototype truck came the same year. The first popular Toyota car in the United States was called the Toyota Corona. This was part of a theme that is still used in Toyota sedan names today, where a term for “Crown” in another language is used to name Toyota sedans. This is the case for the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry.

2021 Toyota Corolla interior shot of dashboard steering wheel and infotainment screen

2021 Toyota Corolla white corner of taillight with people in background

How Long as the Toyota Corolla been Around?

The Toyota Corolla is well known as being one of the most successful vehicle names of all time. It wouldn’t have the success it has if it hadn’t found its footing early and held on to its identity for decades. The first Corolla model was released in November 1966 and it continues to be one of the best sellers today. That means in 2026, the Corolla name will celebrate its 60th anniversary!