Two hands holding a scraper and bottle of defrosting fluid used to clear off windshield

How to quickly defrost your windshield in cold weather

The turning of the calendar into a brand-new year carries an aura of new beginnings, clean slates and the ability to completely reverse course or stay headed to a better future. However, one thing that will stay for the next couple months is often-freezing temperatures, which can lead to serious annoyance when you’re trying to get your days started in the mornings. Luckily, there’s hope, and today we’ll show you how to quickly defrost your windshield in cold weather! Join our Phil Meador Toyota team and get rolling faster with nothing but positivity for what the next 24 hours have in store.  

Closeup shot of defroster button inside older vehicle

Use Your Defroster 

We’ll start with the most obvious method. If you’ve got some extra time to spare in the morning, a tried and true way to clear off your windshield is to run your interior defroster at full go for a bit. This way, you’ll also give your vehicle a chance to warm up before heading out, reducing strain on gears and acceleration when you go! 

Shot of snow accumulated on windshield and elevated wiper blades

Apply Wiper Fluid to your Windshield 

Some people often overlook the resources that are held outside of your defroster. Another great way to get snow and ice off your windows is to spray your wiper fluid on your windshield and let your wipers do the work. The chemicals contained in this fluid are utilized to break away particles that could impede your vision, including ice!

Individual using scraper to clear snow and ice off vehicle windshield

Use Your Scraper the Night Before 

Though Idaho nights can often get a little crispy, they’re also clear, for the most part. If you notice a cold front coming on but there’s no snow in the forecast, make sure to take your scraper and clear off all your windows. It’s good for cardio, and it also ensures that there’s one less thing for you to worry about once the sun comes back up!  

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