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Indoor Memorial Day Food Ideas

During times of pandemic or poor weather, it gets hard to celebrate the same holidays you took for granted before. Since you probably won’t be able to gather all your family and friends together for a grill-out like many Americans do when Memorial Day rolls around during quarantine, you can try some of these ideas as a way to celebrate the holiday from your own home. 

Broil your Favorites from the Grill 

If you can’t get the grill out this Memorial Day, you can still get a similar open flame kind of taste by broiling burgers, hot dogs, chicken, or your favorite veggies. If you haven’t used the broil function on your oven, you shouldn’t be too scared to try it out. Here are some tips for how to broil your favorite grill foods: 

  • Ovens vary, so be sure to look up how best to use your broiler and don’t let yourself get distracted or you may have a smoky mess on your hands.  
  • Use baking sheets or cake pans to broil a single layer of meat or vegetables at a time.  

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  • If you don’t have baking sheets or oven-safe pans, you can lay a sheet or two of aluminum foil on the rack below the food to catch dripping sauce or juices. 
  • Note: broiling heats food from the top of the oven with intense heat, unlike baking which heats from below with ambient heat. Flip your food halfway through cooking, just like you would on a grill. The higher heat level means it takes less time to cook than baking. 
  • Cook your meat all the way through. Broiling may not be the best way to cook chicken breasts and other thick, unevenly shaped meats. Use this link to make sure you cook your food safely:
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Try New Foods 

Mix tradition with new and exciting experiences by trying new sides with your broiled meats or vegetables. If you haven’t made your own pasta salad or potato salad, you might want to try making them yourself.

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There are plenty of variations on both, so feel free to explore! Don’t forget mayonnaise, you’ll need a lot of it. Try making your own deviled eggs, hummus, artichoke dip, tortilla chips, or salsa for a refreshing homemade Memorial Day indoor picnic.