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PASS Program Rewards School Children for Perfect Attendance

For the students of the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25, perfect attendance is rewarded in a fun way. With perfect attendance, students have a chance to win a Giant brand mountain bike. For more information on how to win, continue reading the rest of this entry below.

What is the PASS Program?

If you have seen the PASS Program advertised, the answer is simple. PASS is an acronym for Perfect Attendance Spells Success. To encourage students to stay in school and make sure they don’t get there late or miss any classes, the Phil Meador automotive group is sponsoring this program to encourage and reward perfect attendance with a new Giant brand mountain bike.

How Do you get Perfect Attendance?

Getting perfect attendance means a few things. First and most obviously this means not missing a day of school. It also means not being reported tardy either. Leaving school early would also count as imperfect attendance, so be sure to stay at school from the first bell to the last bell every day!

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More Rewards for PASS Students!

Students that have perfect attendance not only qualify for winning a Giant mountain bike, but they and their family will also receive an invitation to the Phil Meador Automotive Group Awards BBQ. At the BBQ, students will win their new bicycle and a certificate of their achievement.

Phil Meador Auto is Dedicated to the Pocatello Area Community

The PASS program is just one way the Phil Meador Auto Group reaches out to its local community. We are always looking for ways to help the people around us because we care about our area. Keep checking back with us here on our website to find out what other programs and initiatives we support and learn how you can get involved as well! Everything is better when we look out for each other.