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Should I Have My Car Serviced in the Summer?

It’s nice to finally be entering the summer. There are a lot of good feelings in the air as the air gets warmer and the sun shines brighter. The kids are out of school and it might be time to start planning a family trip.

You don’t want to just pack your bags and head off in your car. Good planning is the foundation for any good vacation. You want to make sure everything is prepped and ready before you head out of the door. Before you leave on a road trip you should take your car in for a quick tune-up.

Why Get Maintenance Done in the Summer

Extreme temperatures can do a lot of damage to our cars. It’s not too long ago we were worried about the winter cold, but now it’s the summer heat we need to worry about. Heading into the service center to get some work done before things get too bad can be quite the time saver. On top of the normal benefits, getting scheduled maintenance done in the summer will help in a few different areas.

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The most important thing to get working in the summer is your air conditioning unit. You want to make sure you can stay nice and cool, instead of sweating all the time. It’s also the perfect time to change out your tires need be. If you currently have winter tires on, then it’s definitely time to make the switch. It also never hurts to stop and check on everything else, like air and windshield blades, to make sure they are looking good.

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If you need some work done, then stop by our service center and schedule an appointment. You can also feel free to call ahead with any questions and we will help however we can.