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What is ToyotaCare?

You’re driving down the road when suddenly you hear a pop, quickly you pull off to the side of the road and hope for the best. As you step outside your worst fears are confirmed, you have a flat tire and as you check the trunk you realize you don’t have a spare tire. Now what? You’re stranded and a tow truck could cost a lot. 

Some insurance companies charge quite the premium to offer roadside assistance and sometimes it just isn’t possible to get a friend’s help or affordable to call a tow truck. It would be nice if some car companies took the initiative to help people with their new cars to give them a bit of help when those emergencies happen. 

What is ToyotaCare? 

Toyota is a company dedicated to safety and as such they understand the importance of regular vehicle maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. They also know that accidents happen and life on the road doesn’t always go as smoothly as we hope. That’s why they came up with the ToyotaCare program to help add some extra peace of mind to new car owners. 

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ToyotaCare is a new service to help out new car drivers and give them the confidence that Toyota has them covered. The first half of the service is a No Cost Maintenance Plan because regular maintenance is important to your car’s overall health and keep it running for years to come. It covers things like replacing filters, oil, rotating tires, checking fluid levels, and a multi-point inspection. These services are covered for 2 years, 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. The other part of the service is 24-hour roadside assistance that lasts 2 years regardless of miles. It provides battery jump starts, lockout protection, emergency fuel delivery, tire service, towing, and winching. 

What’s included in Toyota Safety Sense 2.0?

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