2021 Toyota Corolla grey driving on bridge past blurry buildings

2021 Toyota Corolla in Pocatello, ID

What car could be considered the quintessential sedan more than the Toyota Corolla? Few vehicles can compare to the legacy the Toyota Corolla has established on four wheels. Since 1966, the Toyota Corolla has carried individuals and groups all across this nation and most others. It makes one wonder how much longer it will continue to be a staple of the transportation industry.

The twelfth generation of the Toyota Corolla began back in 2019 and shook up the design of the front end while squeezing more technological functionality into the Corolla than had ever been seen before. The 2021 model includes standard Android Auto™ compatibility, and a new edition to make sure the Corolla continues being one of the most beloved cars on the road. Learn more about the details for this vehicle with the chart and analysis below.


Safety Features

Entertainment Features

1.8L I4 Engine Option or 2.0L I4 Engine Option Turn Signal Mirrors Satellite Radio
Continuously Variable Transmission or Manual Transmission Blind Spot Warning with Lane Departure Warning Auxiliary and USB Audio Input
Front-Wheel Drive Passenger Occupant Sensing Airbag Deactivation Smartphone Connectivity
Hybrid Models Available LED Headlamps Connectivity Package and JBL® Audio


Model Analysis

The 2021 Toyota Corolla does not exactly look like the Corolla has looked for most of the last ten years, but that is the nature of time. The sportier modern Corolla has not forgotten its roots, it just has a bit more flair to its styling than it used to. Inside, drivers should still feel the sense of practicality and reliability that the Corolla has always conveyed, with the addition of new technologies. The Toyota Corolla is still going to be one of the most important sedans for the 2021 model year because it balances staying true to its identity and providing drivers modern safety, entertainment, and comfort technology.

Other Features Available on the 2021 Toyota Corolla

•    Keyless Ignition
•    Steering Wheel Mounted Transmission, Cruise, and Audio Controls
•    Leather Steering Wheel
•    Climate Control
•    Hands-Free Entry
•    4 One-Touch Power Windows
•    Leatherette Seats
•    And More!

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2021 Toyota Corolla interior view of cabin from passenger perspective
2021 Toyota Corolla close up of gauge cluster
2021 Toyota Corolla parked with sunbeams through trees