Phil Meador Toyota Service Specials

We love helping our customers save money, and you can start saving money right now by taking advantage of any of the service specials or offers that we have available below. You can also feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the offers that we have available.

Spend & Save Bonus

Phil Meador Toyota
- Spend $100-$199 & save $15 - Spend $200-$299 & save $25 - Spend $300-$399 & save $35 - Spend $400 or more & save $50

10% Off Fluid Exchange Service

Phil Meador Toyota
Ensure your vehicle’s Performance by exchanging important fluids. Includes Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid or Engine Coolant. Does not Include Engine Oil Change Service

Complimentary Alignment Check

Phil Meador Toyota
Ensure your tires are properly aligned. Proper alignment slows tire wear and may help increase the life of your tires. Inspect steering linkage & shocks. Adjust tire pressure.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Phil Meador Toyota
Replacing your Cabin Air Filter every 10,000-15,000 miles will help capture dust, pollen and other airborne particles and filter both recirculated and fresh air in your vehicle. Breathe easy with our Toyota designed and engineered filter.