InterstateNational Automotive Appearance Package

IN Paint Protection

Interstate National Paint Sealant is a professionally applied sealant designed to preserve the showroom shine on your new automobile. Formulated for all types of weather, IN Paint Protection actually bonds with the paint on your car to provide protection from rain, wind, sun, and snow.

Regular washing with a mild detergent will remove the buildup of industrial pollutants, road grime and other contaminants which destroy your car's finish.

IN Leather Protection

Interstate Nation Vinyl/Leather Sealant provides an invisible layer of protection to guard against stains, food and beverage spills.

Our Specifically developed formula also helps maintain the new look and the feel of your vinyl/leather surface while conditioning against the elements that lead to premature aging

IN Fabric Protection

Interstate National Fabric Sealant was specifically created to protect your car's fabric interior while maintaining its softness.

Our specific combination of polymers seal the individual fabric fibers without clogging the air spaces between each fiber. This unique process prevents spills from permanently discoloring your car's interior.

The Interstate National Protection System

To protect your major investment, the Interstate National Protection System will help to maintain your car's high-gloss finish, protect the luxury and comfort of your interior... We warrant this claim.

  • Added value to your car
  • Protection for your major investment
  • Nationwide service
  • Product warranty